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Final Destination 2


Jeff Nelson

If you liked the first, you will probably enjoy this sequel.

Final Destination 2
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It's unfortunate that most sequels are cheesy and just very similar to the previous one, but with small hints of new material. This is exactly what the public doesn't want. Many filmmakers ignore their fans and make the film they want, not the film the world wants. Final Destination 2 was made the way the fans wanted it. Even if it's cheesy, at least the crew made it for fans and not themselves.

On a road trip with friends, Kimberly has a premonition that saves everyone from a freak car accident. Visions of the crash of Flight 180 haunt her and she must seek help from one of its survivors. The general idea from the first film is the same, but many new tweaks and characters, yet still referring to the original to bring back a character and a twist. Nevertheless, the script is quite bland. Most of it seems thrown together without a thought. Although, the admirers of the series aren't looking for a well-written screenplay, it'd be nice to get some witty dialogue.

Most of the cast is new and hasn't been in a lot. However, Ali Larter is brought back from the first one, the only survivor from the original. Larter is the saving grace of acting for this film. As for the rest of the cast, they're cliché and are easily forgettable. Nonetheless, Tony Todd's cameo is amusing, even if he isn't as good as he is in films such as Candyman.

This brings us to the true reason why supporters of the series adore this franchise so much. The blood, guts, and gruesome "accidents". For the most part, they're dull and have been seen by most moviegoers. A few of the deaths seem rather fake and hurts how the viewer will perceive the scene. For the most part, the visuals could be much stronger.

It's irritating when films obtain sequels when they're not required. It's logical that Final Destination would receive a sequel since there was so much left untold and much more that could be done with the story. Final Destination 2 is a tough film to review, because it's not made to be viewed seriously. This movie was made strictly for fans of the original and to be mindless entertainment. Final Destination 2 is recommended for fans of the original, but for newcomers, it's advised to see the first one before thinking about viewing the sequel.

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My Rating = Three Stars

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