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Final Destination


Jeff Nelson

This is a movie to remember.

Final Destination
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There have been a lot of unoriginal horror movies being released recently, but FInal Destination was very original for its year, 2000. Every time an original movie is released, companies have the need to trash it by having a lot of sequels and remaking it. This is a movie to remember.

The story is original and interesting. It is about a group of student going on a trip to France by airplane and one of them has a premonition of the plane blowing up, but saves his friends and teacher last second. From then on, Death is coming to kill them with freak accidents in the order in which they were meant to be killed. It is a fun guessing-movie in which the audience is always guessing who will die from what harmless item. As soon as this was released, I was interested.

Looking back at this movie, I see a famous actress named Ali Larter. She had brown hair at the time. Now she has blonde hair and it is interesting to see where she was at that time. Overall, the cast was picked well and each actor did his or her job well.

The first of a series is obviously going to be the one with the lowest budget. The camera that is used is not a professional camera, but the explosions and effects look real. Visuals do not disappoint in this film.

Overall, Final Destination is a classic. It is fun, original, and entertaining. Each time something is about to happen, the audience is overwhelmed by thoughts of what exactly is going to happen next. If you have not seen Final Destination, then run to Blockbuster and rent this immediately.

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My Rating = Four and One Half Stars

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