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The Expendables


Jeff Nelson

The Expendables is the type of film you hit the fast forward button to get to the action scenes.

The Expendables
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Over the years, action flicks have always had their stars. They offer the usual helping of tacky one-liners, big explosions, and a lot of fun. The Expendables takes the most popular action stars and puts them all into one flick. Sylvester Stallone directs, acts in, and co-writes. He sure knows the action genre since he's been in them for so long.

A group of mercenaries are hired to go to a South American country and overthrow a ruthless dictator. There aren't many spoilers that are possible to give away due to such a simple plot. It's the usual cliché and predictable action screenplay that has been released too many times. There are moments where the dialogue tries too hard to be funny. It's an exceedingly plain script where absolutely nothing stands out. Sylvester Stallone has been in some fantastic action films in the past, but perhaps he should avoid screenwriting.

Most of the greatest action heroes are involved with this film. Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, Steve Austin, Mickey Rourke, Terry Crews, and Bruce Willis were all recruited to to star in this over-the-top action film. Not to mention a short cameo and conversation between Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Why even attempt to judge talent in the acting department? The screenplay wasn't good to begin with, so there's no point in speaking about their inconsistencies. They're action stars and they do what they're put on the screen to do. Any guy who enjoys a good action film with get a little giddy seeing all of these action stars put on the same screen. Let's just hope that if they unite on screen once again that they will have an above average script backing them.

It goes without saying that this film's biggest and baddest weapon is its visuals. The stunts are incredibly complex and intense. Each actor has their own fighting technique, as we've seen in their individual movies. All of their styles are brought to one movie, making the action an absolute blast to watch. The action goes full throttle in the final 20 minutes or so. If you're in it for the visuals and to see these badass action heroes, then you shouldn't be disappointed.

For those of you thinking this might be on par with some of the actors' past films that got them famous will be terribly disappointed. Sure, it's fun and does what it's set out to do, but there are times where it feels all too stale. Everyone has their opinions on Sylvester Stallone and I believe that he was great in his day. However, he has gotten too old to continue starring in such movies.The Expendables is the type of film you hit the fast forward button to get to the action scenes. Don't expect Die Hard and you should have a fun time if this is your genre.

My Rating = Three Stars

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