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The Evil Dead


Jeff Nelson

This film should definitely be identified as a classic.

The Evil Dead
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The big names such as Halloween and Friday the 13th have defined the horror genre for many years. However, there's always going to be gems that don't get the recognition they deserve. The Evil Dead definitely fits under that category. While some people have heard of the franchise due to creator Sam Raimi's recent projects, but it doesn't receive the attention it's entitled to.

Five friends travel to a cabin in the woods,where they unknowingly release human-possessing demons. There is more to the plot, but this is the simple idea to it. Judging by the story and such, many people will be led to believe that this is just a joke. The Evil Dead and its sequels are different than your average horror flick. They're used not only to scare, but to laugh as well. These movies were made with a campy factor. This is Sam Raimi's style that carried over to his more recent film Drag Me To Hell.

The actors perform on Raimi's style well. Bruce Campbell, Ellen Sandweiss, Richard DeManicor, Betsy Baker, and Theresa Tilly don't take their roles seriously. They do quite the opposite and have a good time with the characters. Bruce Campbell is a well known actor throughout the horror community for this trilogy alone. Don't expect to see award acting, but await actors who have a good time on screen.

With The Evil Dead being released in 1981, it received an NC-17 rating for substantial graphic horror violence and gore. By today's standards, this film would have received an R rating. It's definitely a movie filled with blood, but those who watch recent horror films will see there's a lot worse stuff out there. For such a small budget, the movie looks great for the time. No CGI, only make-up and practical FX. The blood shedding in horror movies have always looked better with this gritty atmosphere with all of the carnage happening in front of the camera and not added in with CGI.

Believe it or not, The Evil Dead is Sam Raimi's first full feature length film he ever wrote and directed. This is a damn good start to a career. This film should definitely be identified as a classic. It's underrated and is especially one worth putting on each Halloween. The Evil Dead has a very specific audience, but does what it does to damn near perfection.

My Rating = Four and One Half Stars

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