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Everything Must Go


Jeff Nelson

Everything Must Go is a drama that victoriously draws the viewer into Nick's shoes.

Everything Must Go
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The list of actors dedicated to a specific genre is a long one. Will Ferrell is generally found specifically in comedy films. He has been hit-and-miss for me. Everything Must Go is a different film for Ferrell. While some identify the film as a dramedy, I see it primarily as a drama. However, this movie can definitely be seen as an actor's piece. An opportunity for Ferrell to genuinely own the character, make it his, and deliver the role to the audience. The quality of the overall film rests in the palm of his hands.

Nick is a good-hearted, but relapsed alcoholic who decides to live on his front lawn after losing his job and being thrown out by his wife. Everything Must Go starts by incorporating humor as well as drama in order to draw the audience in. Once the story settles, the drama portion of the film kicks into full throttle. To be straightforward, the plot points are cliché and predictable. There aren't any twists and turns that will catch audiences by surprise. However, that isn't what the film is about. Viewers will find themselves feeling sympathy for Nick. The screenplay is suitable and the pacing is reasonably smooth. Underneath the plot of Nick is a semi-abandoned neighborhood kid by the name of Kenny. Nick hires Kenny to aid him in selling everything on the lawn. A heart-warming connection is formed as Kenny becomes an incredibly likable character. Nick begins to feel attached to the new neighbor by the name of Samantha. The relationship is foreseeable, as expected. Nick is an interesting character that audiences will continue to want to learn about.

Everything Must Go incorporates a small, yet effective cast. Will Ferrell performs as Nick. Throughout the film, I forgot about all of his comedic movies. This is mainly due to the fact that Ferrell made the role feel genuine. The character comes across as natural to the audience and makes the audience feel even more sympathetic for the character. Christopher Jordan Wallace hasn't been in very many productions, but he manages to capture the likable character of Kenny. Rebecca Hall is fantastic as the new neighbor, Samantha. She comes across just as natural as Ferrell and makes us feel as if we know her character without her even receiving very much screen time. This isn't an Academy Award winning cast, but they are successful in conveying the dialogue and characters.

I really didn't know what to expect from Everything Must Go. It could have been decent or a complete disaster. Fortunately, the film ultimately is worth seeing. The characters are and the script is good, and the acting certainly made the film what it is. Even those who aren't big fans of Will Ferrell will be able to enjoy this movie. Everything Must Go is a drama that victoriously draws the viewer into Nick's shoes.

My Rating = Three and One Half Stars

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