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Eden Lake


Jeff Nelson

...highly recommended to any fan of the horror genre

Eden Lake
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In the movie business, the U.K. has been under the radar. Do not put this movie in the back of your mind because it came direct-to-video in the United States.Eden Lake did well in the United Kingdom, but "Dimension Extreme" decided to not put this up for theatrical release. Little did the world know, they would begin making one of the best horror movies of the year.

The story is nothing complex. It is a simple story of a couple going on vacation on the beach near the forest when a group of raunchy teenagers get pissed off at the couple. It soon becomes a cat and mouse game and a fight for survival.

The acting is good. Even the teenagers do a good job and the couple sticks onto you. Each character has the right look for his or her part. Everybody involved with the film put in their blood, sweat, and tears and it really shows. This is a wonderful thing to see in a film and the audience needs to see more of it.

The visuals are fantastic. Scenery is great and gives a perfect setting for the story. The cinematographers did a stunning job with everything and should get recognition for what they did with this movie.

Overall, it is a masterpiece. The film has small plot holes, but looking at it as a whole, it is truly wonderful. It is a disturbing, violent and yet well-crafted film. The ending is shocking and very well done. One thing that really stuck out for me was the main character, Eden. Most horror movie characters are dumb as a rock, but Eden is one of the smartest characters I've seen in a horror film. Eden Lake is highly recommended to any fan of the horror genre.

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My Rating = Four and One Half Stars

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