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Jeff Nelson

The story itself has been done before...but...it's different.

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When a film doesn't get a full theatrical run, many people automatically think it must be a bad film. There are some fantastic films that have limited or no theatrical time at all. Although, some deserve it more than others.

Jake Cummings and his friends play a computer game called the Pathway, which leads them to confront real horrors that spirals out of control and threatens their very lives. The story itself has been done before, but as the film unwinds, it's different. The dialogue is hit or miss and can range from solid writing to amateurish. Luckily, the plot will never bore the audience, even with it's small plot holes.

The lead of the film is Jensen Ackles. You may of seen him in the TV show Supernatural or in My Bloody Valentine 3-D. This is one of his earlier films and he doesn't seem fully into his role. He does a good job, but has become a better actor over time. Jensen Ackles fits the look and gives a fine performance.

It's no secret that DeVour is a low budget film. The visuals throughout are unsatisfactory. This doesn't distract too much from the feeling of the film, but the ending is shot well. One thing this film has in the visuals is strong camera work.

Upon deciding to see DeVour, give it a rent and don't expect an oscar-worthy film. Keeping that in mind, you may be pleasantly surprised. Parts of the film are lackluster, but will keep the viewer's attention. The ending is fitting and doesn't disappoint. It's interesting to see Jensen Ackles from an early age to see how he's grown physically and in his career. DeVour is worth a rental with a bunch of friends.

My Rating = Three and One Half Stars

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