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The Descent


Jeff Nelson

..a good, eerie and strong movie...

The Descent
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The public is lucky to get a good, strong and eerie movie every few years. It isdifficult and rare to find a movie with all of those adjectives combined. The British horror/thriller flick, The Descent has each of those traits and more.

The story is about a group of women who are going caving because one of their husbands and daughters died. Her name is Sarah and she thinks she is going crazy in these dark and ominous caves as she sees and hears her daughter. The women travel farther into the caves as they become trapped and they aren't alone. There is nothing new or unique about the story, but that is not what this movie is about.

As the characters begin to show their true colors, it is necessary for the actors to give a decent performances. As the film continued, the acting gets better and better. By the end of the movie, the acting is great. These actresses don't come off as cheesy or annoying. I am not familiar with the actresses, but they are able to add to the suspense throughout.

In the beginning of the movie, the shots are river, forest, hospital and cave shots which are quite artistic. As the movie continues to get darker each scene shows it.. It starts with bright colors and slowly turns into being almost pitch black other than colors like red and greens from the flares' glow. The makeup for the "creatures" in the caves could of been better, but the designs are excellent. They are creepy and add to the movie's realism.

Overall, The Descent is a stunning film. It is entertaining and never gets boring. It is violent, eerie and fun. The whole movie gives off a claustrophobic feel that never lets up. When walls collapse and the women get stuck, the audience feels just as closed off as the women in the film. The Descent is quite effective. If you decide to pick this one up, be certain that it is the unrated director's cut, as the ending is much better.

My Rating = Four and one Half  Stars

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