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Dark Ride


Jeff Nelson

..for slasher fans only...

Dark Ride
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Dark Ride is one of eight movies in the After Dark Horror Fest 2006. The first set of the 8 Films to Die For were released in 2006. If you haven't heard of this series, it is two horror companies (Lions Gate and After Dark Films) coming together. They take 8 films from each year that were not allowed in theaters or DVD. The reasons may include a lot of violence, nudity, or disturbing content. Each film is different from each other having different genres and sub genres of horror.

Dark Ride is a slasher film. While this film is not well made in any way, it is entertaining. Gore, nudity, sex, and fast paced, this is one to kill time. The kills were all old fashioned and have been used too many times. This is exactly what a straight to DVD slasher flick is about.

The major flaws in this movie were the acting and writing. There is better acting in porn movies than this. Everything seems fake and as if the characters are even more careless than teens in real life. The writing was very cheesy and unrealistic. Where the story went was too predictable.

There are few small things about this movie that are good. The atmosphere and costumes are what stood out to me. The atmosphere of the dark ride was very well made. It gave off a very creepy vibe, while still being an amusement ride. Things such as lights flashing and fog gave off a very isolated and scary feel to the film. The costume that was used on the killer just added to the movie. The ripped off doll face mask was a great idea. You can see the head of the man without giving away identity. This only gave to the atmosphere of the ride. The mask is something you would see inside of a dark ride. These two things are what really stood out to me.

This might not be a good horror film, but it did give something to the audience. This is exactly as bad as a direct to DVD movie, but is not nearly as good as something that would be released in theaters. The After Dark Horror Fest doesn't have very many slasher films in their select movies. This was put in there for those who like that type. The "8 Films to Die For" is good for any horror fan. You may not like all 8, but there is for sure going to be at least one that you will enjoy. As for Dark Ride, I recommend this as a rent for slasher fans only.

My Rating = Two and One Half Stars

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