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Despicable Me


Jeff Nelson

Despicable Me doesn't have much on Toy Story 3, but it comes in as an entertaining animated film that stands above many others in the same genre

Despicable Me
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Over the past couple years, quite a few animated films, surprisingly, ended up being quite good. Humor in these types of animated films are beginning to be for adults, just as much as children. It's good to see that Universal Pictures is taking a page from Pixar's book to appeal to a larger audience and put something in there for everyone to enjoy.

A super villain battles a rival, takes three orphans under his wing, and tries to pull off the crime of the century: stealing the moon. I'm sure that both adults and children can guess the ending just by hearing the plot. It's not the type of film that will make you think or make you need to use your mind much at all. Luckily, the same humor isn't used constantly throughout the film. The small yellow creatures in the film, known as minions, are the funniest in the humor due to their innocence and how naive they are. Don't expect huge laughs that will leave you gasping for air, but it's lighter humor that will give a few good laughs. You can expect, as always, a moral for our main villain regarding these three children.

Everyone that knows me will be very much informed of my feelings towards Steve Carell. I don't find him funny or entertaining in the slightest. The accent used by Carell gets irritating after a while and feels much more like a gimmick than him being the right choice for Gru. Thankfully, he has some good stars standing beside him. Jason Segel, Russell Brand, Julie Andrews, Kristen Wiig, and others are a joy to hear. All of the actors match their character's flaps well. Even though Steve Carell's fake accent gets rather bothersome, the rest of the cast makes up for it.

The animation in these films appear to be getting better by the year. The characters in these films are being given more life-like expressions and each one of the animated films in this league surprise me each and every time. It seems as though each one of these big budgeted animate films are able to do more and more extraordinary things as time goes on. It's quite amusing to see how far the new technology takes animated movies. Some people say that because it's an animated film, that makes it a film for children. Films such as Despicable Me, Coraline, and the Toy Story trilogy are for families of all ages.

Putting aside the predictable story and mushy dialogue at the end, Despicable Me is an enjoyable animated film. It's the type of movie that you can take a younger audience to and walk out both enjoying it the same. If nothing else, I'm sure everyone will enjoy the cuteness and innocence of the minions. Despicable Me doesn't have much on Toy Story 3, but it comes in as an entertaining animated film that stands above many others in the same genre.

My Rating = Four Stars

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