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Jeff Nelson

Disturbia is recommended to all audiences searching for a tasteful modernization of a classic.

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It's been quite annoying seeing Hollywood continuing to remake people's favorite classics and not create some new material. These remakes, prequels, and sequels are almost always much worse than the originals and ruin the tone and material of the first. This is fortunately not the case with Disturbia, previously known as Hitchcock's Rear Window.

Kale, a troubled teen sentenced to house arrest, begins watching his neighbors out of boredom - only to discover that a serial killer lives next door. Kale has the help of his friends to snoop and find the truth. It's essentially the same story as the original, with a couple minor tweaks. The movie is basically broken down into three parts. The beginning is Kale's backstory, the middle is character development with some bright humor and the third act is full of suspense and thrills. The script does a proper job of making the three sections of this film flow together without appearing choppy or as if they're from different films.

The three leads and villain do a superb job throughout. The main characters are Shia LaBeouf, Sarah Roemer and Aaron Yoo with the villain David Morse. Shia LaBeouf has grown up and it is quite apparent here. Sarah Roemer and Aaron Yoo both are entertaining to watch and are great supporting actors. David Morse is delightfully creepy. His presence on screen gives the viewer chills up their spines. This cast was chosen rather well.

When I mentioned there are 3 segments to this film, it's true for its visuals as well. The beginning of the film offers a gloomy filtering and faded colors. The middle provides vibrant colors and modern party music. In the end, the film gets dark with eerie background music and strictly thrilling scenes. The transitions are done so well that one would have to genuinely search out when the mood changes.

The filmmakers of Disturbia did a quality job modernizing this film. This is what remakes need to accomplish, modernizing, and not trying to replace it. With a PG-13 rating, Disturbia is fine for younger teenagers and brings some candidly funny moments and some sincerely spooky scenes. Disturbia is recommended to all audiences searching for a tasteful modernization of a classic.

My Rating = Four Stars

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