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Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist


Jeff Nelson

Not even worth seeing for free.

Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist
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The film studios have proven that no matter how many years have passed since the original, they will continue to try to milk the franchise. There needs to be a point where a line must be placed. For those of you who were disgusted by the trash known as Exorcist: The Beginning, that's nothing compared to this second prequel.

Years before Father Lancaster Merrin helped save Regan's soul, he first encounters the demon Pazuzu in East Africa. This chapter in his life leads to the rediscovery of his faith. Prequels are created to further explain the story previously presented to the viewers. However, this entire narrative isn't even slightly interesting. It's boring and dull from start to finish. The entire film, I was waiting for the pace to pick up. Unfortunately, that never happened. I find the story of Regan is much more engaging than Father Merrin's ever was. He's a cliché character that isn't worthy of being the lead. If an Exorcist prequel is going to be made, it has to be written correctly. This isn't the case here.

With the lame screenplay comes lackluster acting. The entire running time felt flat due to the nature of the acting. Stellan Skarsgård takes the role all too seriously. Films with scripts as bad as this generally benefit from actors who have fun with them. Those who overact and try to take it seriously end up feeling tacky. There isn't one convincing role in this movie. The characters are all tedious, which doesn't make the actor's job any easier.

This flick offers a plain atmosphere. The cinematography is uninteresting. An eerie atmosphere could have been created to give the audience a creepy setting. This is an opportunity completely missed. The original Exorcist had an absolutely frightening ambience that set the mood. From start to finish, it pulled the audience in for the fear that was yet to come. In Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist, it certainly sets the mood for the rest of the flick. Mundane.

I don't support any prequels or sequels originating from the classic known as The Exorcist. The film had a lot of success throughout the years, which is why the studios felt that sequels and prequels would be big hits. Let the original rest in peace. It has faced enough humiliation from the other sequels. No sequel or prequel will ever achieve anything close to what the original did. I struggled to keep my eyes open through this boring garbage. This shames the original and everything it set out to do. Slow burn horror that digs under the audience's skin. Don't support this terrible flick and avoid at all costs. Not even worth seeing for free.

My Rating = One Half Star

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