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Jeff Nelson

Devil has its moments of being tense and entertaining...

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Over the past few years, M. Night Shyamalan has been getting a terrible reputation for making embarrassingly terrible films. Devil is a thriller that many believe Shyamalan had a lot to do with, when in reality, he didn't direct or write the screenplay. He produced it and came up with the barebones idea of the film. People need to give credit where it's due, and John Erick Dowdle and Brian Nelson are the ones who directed and wrote the film.

Five strangers are stuck in an elevator with even the cops unable to help them, but it's the least of their worries as the devil is among them. It's a simple story and doesn't sound too intriguing on paper. However, the execution of the film is what's important. The screenplay is a mixed bag. Some of the dialogue feels awkward and out of place. There are main story elements that are quite obvious for anyone to pick up on.

The acting definitely is a hit and miss. The two best performances are by Logan Marshall-Green and Bojana Novakovic. None of the performances will make them memorable, but these two put on a great show. Bojana Novakovic definitely put her all into this role and when panic settles, she expresses the fear in her character well. Logan Marshall-Green pulls his weight and is believable in his role.

There are no big FX or gags to note. However, the camera work is decent and the cinematography is great. The lighting of the film is done well by giving the viewer the light of the elevator, but putting the audience in the dark with the characters when the lights go out. Don't expect any gore gags because it's simply not a violent film.

The big question throughout is questioning who the devil is. The ending gives a nice twist that doesn't treat audiences as if they're dumb and allows them to figure out the deeper message on their own. There are a few twists. A couple of them are given to you and the final one is a twist that is hinted at, but you need to look beyond the surface. Devil has its moments of being tense and entertaining, but lacks the extra punch that could of made this film excellent.

My Rating = Three Stars

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