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Dead Silence


Jeff Nelson

...transfoirms a simple doll into something horrifying.

Dead Silence
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There are many innocent things that terrify people. Depending on the mood and the way it's put on film, can make something as simple as a doll into something horrifying.

Newlyweds establish a new life far from their hometown. The man's wife is murdered and leads him back to their hometown. There's a legend of Mary Shaw, a ventriloquist who was also murdered. The man is forced to dig deep into the town's past for answers, but uncovers an all too frightening truth. The story is original and entertaining. The tale of Mary Shaw is fantastic and is something that's could be a realistic story. The writing is fine, but the pacing has a few flaws. The story unfolds rather slow;y, but picks up as it continues.

The acting varies throughout. Donnie Wahlberg does a decent job, but some lines come out flat, which may of been due to the writing itself. Ryan Kwanten gives a great performance. Ryan's lines are well written and delivered quite well. For a horror/thriller, the acting is surprisingly good.

Dead Silence is dimly lit and has tons of flashing lights. The dolls are controlled with perfection. The visuals are executed without flaws. A great deal of the film is filled with practical effects with little or none CGI used. This shows that the cinematographer is substantial.

A genre flick that starts slowly, Dead Silence ends with a bang. The ending is astonishing, unfortunately there are a lot of smaller flaws. With some lines not being delivered correctly and pacing problems, the film is still tasteful. Dead Silence is worth watching.

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My Rating = Three and One Half Stars

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