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Donnie Darko 2: S. Darko


Jeff Nelson

don't expect much from this movie...

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I have given examples of direct-to-video releases that are great. This is not the case for every movie that does not go to theaters at all, Donnie Darko 2: S. Darko being one of them.

It is said in the title that S. Darko is a sequel to Donnie Darko. It is called S. Darko for Samantha Darko. It is Donnie's little sister from the first one. It is about how she is becoming like Donnie was and is traveling with her best friend. This movie is more like a remake of the original than a sequel, except with a girl instead of a guy. Just about every event that happened to Donnie is now happening to Samantha, just in different situations. The screenwriters did not get creative or original with this film.

Even before I saw this movie, I knew they could of gotten a better cast. I did not recognize any of the actors in the entire movie. I think that no good actors wanted to do a cheap direct-to-video sequel, so they got a cast of bad actors to do it. Seeing this cast struggle to act made me cringe throughout.

Since the first Donnie Darko had bad special effects, this one tried to improve on that. The visuals did get better, but it lost the homemade, cheap feel that made it what it was. There are a lot of computer graphics throughout this movie that are cheesy, this is no Transformers movie.

Overall, Donnie Darko 2: S.Darko is a so-so movie. It is boring and feels way longer than it actually is. The entire movie is flimsy and dragged out. It is worth a rental, at most, and that is even stretching it. Be cautious and do not expect much to come from this movie.

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My Rating = Two Stars

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