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The Descent: Part 2


Jeff Nelson

The Descent: Part 2 doesn't deserve to be known as a sequel to the great piece of cinema created by Neil Marshall.

The Descent: Part 2
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When The Descent was originally released, many audiences all over the world really enjoyed Neil Marshall's filmmaking. I was one of many who were excited when The Descent: Part 2 was announced. Once Lions Gate Films decided to put this straight to DVD in the US, I got very suspicious. It doesn't help that Neil Marshall didn't come back to continue the series.

Sarah Carter surfaces as the lone escapee from the savage cave-dwelling Crawlers that terrorized her and her friends. She has lost memory of the event and must return with a rescue team to help find her friends. Sarah must once again battle to get out of the caves and hope that her friends are still alive. As you can tell, this sequel went off the Hollywood US cuts ending and not the stronger original UK one. From the first ten minutes of the film, there are a lot of plot problems. If a woman doesn't remember if her friends are alive or dead, what makes these people think she would remember her way around a pitch dark cave? All of the new characters are unlikable and very irritating. Don't expect any of the good dialogue like that given throughout the original. Don't even get me started on the ending. To even compete with the first, the writers had to create characters that the audience actually cares about. They failed in doing so.

Unfortunately, even Shauna Macdonald had problems in this film. This is heavily due to the dialogue and idiotic actions given to her character. However, she somehow still manages to give an alright performance. The rest of the cast are what you expect from a direct-to-DVD flick. I would talk a little bit more about some other actors, but doing so may ruin some plot points so I will avoid in doing so. There are one or two other actors that give a suitable job along with Shauna Macdonald.

While watching The Descent, there were times I had to look away from the screen and take a deep breath. This was all because of the intense claustrophobic atmosphere that made me feel right there with the group of friends in the cave. I didn't feel any of that same tension with this sequel. I never felt any claustrophobic feelings or as if I was in a tight space with the actors. Everything seemed so bright at times that it was too obvious that it wasn't a dark cave. The Crawlers have developed a change in appearance from the first to the sequel. However, some of them look passable. The variety of Crawlers look very different and ranges from good to not so good. Even the ones that look alright don't stand up to the ones in the original. Once the fight for survival begins, the film gets brutal. It is not quite as grotesque as the first one, but still pretty violent. The blood took a change for the worse. It now looks like red paint and doesn't look even slightly real.

It's such a shame that The Descent: Part 2 ended up being a dud. It had potential to be pretty good if it followed the original UK ending and more attention was given towards the script and tension. The ending absolutely trashes everything that Neil Marshall created in the first one. Of course I won't give the ending away for those who do want to check this out. The Descent: Part 2 doesn't deserve to be known as a sequel to the great piece of cinema created by Neil Marshall. Lions Gate Films knew what they were doing by putting this straight to DVD and skipping a theatrical run.

My Rating = One and One Half Stars

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