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Deep Blue Sea


Jeff Nelson

Deep Blue Sea is a fun rental if you're in the mood for mindless entertainment...

Deep Blue Sea
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When Jaws was released, it caused quite the splash in the movie industry. From then on, a lot of shark movies went into production. A lot of these films took themselves too seriously. Hell, how can a film centered around a shark be thought-provoking?

A group of scientists search for a cure to the Alzheimer's disease on an isolated research facility, but soon become the bait as a trio of more intelligent sharks fight back. From the start, this movie knows what it is. A fun and entertaining flick, nothing serious. The screenplay is as expected. The entire script is cheap and tacky. It's filled with bad dialogue and laughable moments. It's predictable and the characters are of poor quality, but who sees a shark flick for character development?

It's kind of surprising to see that Samuel L. Jackson and Thomas Jane picked up this film. Both of them are good actors and handle their roles well. Samuel L. Jackson is rather funny throughout his big moments. Thomas Jane is always fun to watch on screen. However, other actors such as LL Cool J don't handle the bad script well and it almost feels like he's putting too much into it. Thomas Jane and Samuel L. Jackson clearly just had fun with the terrible writing and didn't try to put too much acting into it.

It's rather obvious that the shark FX have advanced so much since 1999. The sharks in this film don't very good. What's strange is that they're inconsistent. There are moments where the sharks actually look decent and others where they are obviously fake. Whenever a person is eaten and chewed, the FX in those sequences are absolutely terrible. Some of the underwater shots are ineffective and others are obviously green screen to the point where it's distracting.

If you're in the mood for something to laugh at with friends and not have to even think once during the film, then you found what to check out. However, if you want a shark film that is actual good filmmaking, go back to Jaws. Otherwise, this film sets out what it was meant to. It's entertaining and there are much worse ways to spend 105 minutes. Deep Blue Sea is a fun rental if you're in the mood for mindless entertainment, otherwise stay clear.

My Rating = Two Stars

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