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Jeff Nelson

The world is overrun by vampires and the human race is dying from blood supply running out.

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In film, stories and writing has gone downhill with remakes and copying other flicks. The world needs new ideas that are original and unique. Daybreakers is exactly this. The world is overrun by vampires and the human race is dying from blood supply running out. One vampire scientist must come up with a substitute before it's too late and the vampire race becomes endangered, as well. The story is extremely creative. The world of vampires is interesting and holds the audience's attention throughout. Politics, posters, subways, and the streets are transformed into another society. The writers of this film should be incredibly proud of themselves for writing this screenplay.

Daybreakers is cast nearly perfect. Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe, and Isabel Lucas hold their own as vampires or humans. As the viewer, you will feel sympathetic for the characters. The actors did a terrific job with their roles and deserve to be recognized for it.

When thinking about vampires, they are lifeless and pale. This is the tone of most of the film. The colors are dark and skin colors of even humans are very light. As the film goes on and humans are exposed, colors begin to show as the mood continues to change. There are buckets of blood, guts, and body parts flying across the screen and it's shot fantastically.

Daybreakers is a great film, but isn't perfect. Some characters were unnecessary and had scenes that didn't work with the rest of the film. The ending has a few plot holes, but still works. Daybreakers is a true vampire flick that's recommended. Not everyone will have a passion for this flick, but most will enjoy the high amount of entertainment that's given.

My Rating = Three and One Half Stars

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