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The Day After Tomorrow


Jeff Nelson

The Day After Tomorrow is a mediocre disaster flick with extraordinary FX.

The Day After Tomorrow
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For eons, some people have believed that the world will end one day and everyone on the world will be wiped off the face of the planet. Different ancient cultures have predicted this. Of course Hollywood couldn't miss on cashing in on this opportunity.

After years of global warming, the greenhouse effect is wreaking havoc all over the globe in the form of catastrophic hurricanes, tornadoes, tidal waves, floods, and the beginning of the next Ice Age. Paleoclimatologist Jack Hall tries to save the world while also searching for his son Sam who was in New York when the city was overwhelmed by the beginnings of the new big freeze. In terms of being original, it's not even close. Every end of the word film has brought in the same elements and a group of people attempting to save a loved one. The screenwriting is Hollywood. This means that it's all very dramatic and over-the-top with what the characters say and do. The ending is predictable, but it's just a lame final few minutes.

When bringing this screenplay to the table, not that great a cast is required. However, it did receive a decent cast. Jake Gyllenhaal does a suitable job and is the best actor of the group of teenagers in the film. Dennis Quaid is convincing as Sam's father. Since there is very little time this film gave characters on the screen, the actors never got a chance to show what they could do with their characters.

At the end of the day, if a film can get terrific FX and CGI, screenwriting and characters won't be at the top of their list. The disaster scenes that take place are exciting and jaw-dropping. The CGI is used well and looks real.

With all the awesome disasters, it makes for one hell of a time. Although, when the actual plot rises, it's a bore. Some may feel the urge to fast forward through the dialogue and get to the disasters. That's where this film's strength lies. The Day After Tomorrow is a mediocre disaster flick with extraordinary FX.

My Rating = Two and One Half Stars

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