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Drive Angry 3D


Jeff Nelson

Drive Angry 3D is a clichéd flick that tries too hard and ultimately leaves a lot to be desired.

Drive Angry 3D
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The grindhouse style of filmmaking had its time years ago. Quite a few filmmakers are trying to bring that vibe back to modern filmmaking. Drive Angry 3D definitely has that type of atmosphere. Despite not being a big fan of Nicolas Cage, I was originally looking forward to see just how entertaining this could be. However, it didn't catch my attention enough to get me into the theater, but I rented it on Blu-Ray day one. The film has a very specific audience kept in mind so this movie obviously won't appeal to all moviegoers. Does it hold its own in the grindhouse genre?

A vengeful father escapes from hell and chases after the men who killed his daughter and kidnapped his granddaughter. Yes, this is another revenge flick. The plot is basically as paper thin as can it could possibly be. I absolutely understand the grindhouse genre has a campy feel to it and films such as Planet Terror nailed it. The dialogue doesn't work from start to finish. Approximately fifteen minutes could have easily been removed to improve the pacing. After quite a few scenes that just drag, the audience can't help but just stop caring.

Unfortunately, Nicolas Cage is the lead. His usual poor acting is shown here. He just isn't convincing at all. I'm getting the vibe that Cage is desperate for money and simply stopped even trying. Along his side is the sexy Amber Heard. She is guaranteed to be the main reason for a lot of male audiences tuning in. She's undeniably smoking hot here and gives us something good to look at through the excruciating dialogue. However, a good looking actress is just an addition, doesn't make a great film.

I wasn't shocked at all to find out that this was being shot in 3D. There aren't very many action films being released without going the 3D route. I'm simply not impressed with Lussier's work on Drive Angry 3D. All of the digital FX look pathetic and absolutely fake. There are a lot of attempts to be over-the-top and gory, but fails. There's quite a bit of violence, but it fails to live up to other grindhouse films in the carnage department. I genuinely believe that 3D is becoming too much of a factor in film. The filmmakers seem to go overboard with it and focus more on trying to have things pop out at the audience instead of make a good movie. This is definitely the case here.

The film Drive Angry 3D suffers from trying too hard. It tries so hard to fit in with other grindhouse films and ends up being rather trite. There aren't going to be many grindhouse fans happy with the results here. What had the potential to be great over-the-top fun resulted in being a wannabe. If you're interested in seeing a truly well-done grindhouse flick, check out Planet Terror. You won't find the highlights of the genre here. Drive Angry 3D is a clichéd flick that tries too hard and ultimately leaves a lot to be desired.

My Rating = Two Stars

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