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Crazy, Stupid, Love


Jeff Nelson

Crazy, Stupid, Love is a quality romantic comedy that I can comfortably recommend to both genders.

Crazy, Stupid, Love
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The film industry has definitely changed over the years. The comedy genre has been heavily affected by these alterations. Most of the movies in this category are either vulgar rated R affairs or pathetic excuses for humor. It's even more difficult to find a well-made romantic comedy. While most guys avoid these flicks like the plague, women often flood the theaters. Along with musicals, romantic comedies are my least favorite types of movies. Quite a few films are formulaic to a point, but romantic comedies seem to almost never think outside the box. The beginning, middle, and end are predictable to where you're able to tell the entire movie before even starting to watch it. However, there are exceptions to this statement. Is Crazy, Stupid, Love. another conventional chick flick or may it surprise even male audiences?

When Cal Weaver realizes that his wife wants to end their marriage, he reluctantly faces the unwelcome prospect of single life with the counsel of the younger and smoother bachelor Jacob Palmer. Meanwhile, Cal's adolescent son, Robbie, has formed a crush on his 17-year-old babysitter, but is more interested in Robbie's recently single father. Sounds pretty much like any other romance flick I have seen. What primarily sets Crazy, Stupid, Love. apart from the rest is the screenplay. There are quite a few characters going through his or herr own story of love. A lot of movies struggle with keeping the flow with multiple plots, but Dan Fogelman's script pulls it off. For those worrying about watered down material can stop worrying. This is about the most revealing a PG-13 movie can get. This isn't going to have audiences tearing up from laughing so hard, but has witty humor. The plot points are foreseeable as the movie goes on, although I'm satisfied with the execution of these scenes. The ending is quite cheesy, but I didn't expect any less. Crazy, Stupid, Love has a sweet message that has been explored by many other films, but not many times with this level of accomplishment.

With titles such as He's Just Not That Into You, some of the big names in Hollywood are starring in romantic comedies. However, even an excellent actor can be knocked down by a poor script. The combination of the decent screenplay and the good cast of Crazy, Stupid, Love. make for a more enjoyable experience. I have never been a fan of Steve Carell and always found him to be irritating. If he continues to give performances such as these, my opinion of him just might change. Carell does well with Cal Weaver and delivers the jokes fittingly. Ryan Goslin gives a quality rendition as well. This is perhaps the best Gosling has looked on the big screen. Women will have more than enough eye candy with him alone. Julianne Moore is believable and natural in every role she receives. Playing the role of Emily Weaver, Cal's wife, proves to be no different. Emma Stone holds her own very. In each film that Stone appears in, she has a charm that viewers won't be able to resist. The blend between the acting and the writing makes Crazy, Stupid, Love undeniably fulfilling.

Those who are basing this film on past experiences with other romantic comedies should let those thoughts go. This isn't your ordinary chick flick. The screenplay is well-rounded and juggles the multiple story lines and characters with ease. Despite a couple tacky moments, the performances are good. Even though I'm not a fan of this genre, this is a very enjoyable movie worth giving a chance. Crazy, Stupid, Love is a quality romantic comedy that I can comfortably recommend to both genders.

My Rating = Four Stars

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