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The Crazies (2010)


Jeff Nelson

The Crazies remake easily surpasses its original.

The Crazies (2010)
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Those who truly know when a movie is a rip off or openly a remake, the public finds the original to be much better. The idea is fresh in the first film and usually executed much better. However, The Crazies remake easily surpasses its original.

When a plane crashes in a small town, a biological weapon is released into the water system. Some residents become sick, while others descend into homicidal madness, Sheriff David Dutton attempts to set things straight, but soon the military becomes involved in containing the killer virus. The story is taken from the original without a doubt. The screenwriting is written quite well with the fact that nothing that occurs through the movie, including dialogue, is the same as the 1973 classic.

The protagonist, Timothy Olyphant, is the star of the film. He puts on an incredible performance that won't be forgotten. It's absolutely believable that he's the Sheriff and he even nails the accent. Everyone in the cast holds his or her own and even the extras playing the infected do an astonishing job. The acting presented throughout this movie from its entire cast brings this homicidal city to life.

In everything from photography to gore to cars flipping, The Crazies is an utter success. With just visuals, this film is able to make its viewer feel fully claustrophobic and frightened for the characters. The most memorable scene is the car wash scene. It's shot so well and sincerely will freak any moviegoer from going to the car wash.

It's a rather shame that all remakes can't be like this. It took old material, modernized it, and made a better movie than the George A. Romero classic. This movie causes the audience to feel surrounded with no hope. There's madmen and the military enclosing our main characters leaving them no place to go and a cast that pulls it off with flying colors. The Crazies is by no means a perfect film, but is a large step in the correct direction for modern American horror.

My Rating = Four Stars

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