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Jeff Nelson

Crash is a glorious film that ties up its loose ends flawlessly.

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Many filmmakers have problems structuring a film. This problem can make or break a movie and can be frustrating to the director, writer, and the audience. The makers of Crash create a terrific format in this film.

A group of people who live in Los Angeles are all connected. In thirty-six hours, they will collide and find out what connects them. The story sounds simple enough, but what lurks beneath the surface is big. The way the film is connected is very good. The pacing starts slow, but speeds up rather quickly.

Every actor in this movie gives a grand performance. Not only are they connected in the movie, but their relationships are realistic. This sucks in the audience and makes them believe it's real and not just a film. The actors and actresses put on quite the show.

Visuals are impressive. The explosions and sets are magnificent. There's not a ridiculous number of effects used and this helps fasten itself with reality. The effects and settings used are breathtaking.

A movie can make you sit on the edge of your seat, laugh, cry, feel uncomfortable, and many other feelings. Crash gives people mixed feelings, involving feeling uncomfortable and sad. It can be an emotionally tough film to watch. Crash is a glorious film that ties up its loose ends flawlessly.

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My Rating = Four and One Half Stars

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