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Jeff Nelson

Crank is a film to crank your heart to the max...

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It's the sad truth that action films aren't the most creative films available. Most are just about special effects, explosions, car chases and adrenaline. Crank may be one of the first to think outside the box...way outside the box.

Chev Chelios wakes up feeling sick and unable to move with a heart that's barely beating. He realizes that he was poisoned in his sleep and has one hour to live. Chev must keep moving to keep his heart pumping, or he will die. The story is unique and interesting. The plot never gets boring and never slows down. The dialogue is all right and the one-liners are strange, but still funny.

The stars of Crank are Jason Statham and Amy Smart. The couple give fantastic performances. Jason Statham is one of the best actions stars in the nation. He gives each role his all and it shows. Amy Smart is entertaining to watch as she adds some comical relief throughout the film. The acting is able to keep up with the quick pacing.

After hearing about things you'd rarely see in an action film, you still have to remember that this is an action film. The visuals are monstrous and beautifully violent. The editing and transitions in the film fit the film and give the viewer the same feelings Chev Chelios has. The feeling of urgency is consistent throughout and the visuals just heighten this emotion. The visuals are stunningly explosive with, for the most part, practical effects.

Out of all the action films of recent years, this is the most original. Action fans could not ask for more than Crank has to offer. There weren't many problems with the film, but it won't appeal to all audiences. Crank is a film to crank your heart to the max and doesn't let up.

My Rating = Four Stars

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