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Couples Retreat


Jeff Nelson

...don't expect too much or you will feel let down...

Couples Retreat
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Most people believe that if it is a comedy romance, it is automatically a chick flick. Some of them are, but others are just advertised as such. Couples Retreat is a movie that is not aimed towards a certain gender, it can be viewed and possibly enjoyed by either male or females.

The story is about four couples going on vacation. Each couple seems perfect for each other, but find out the island they are on is for working on couples. It is to keep partnerships and work on them, much like therapy. I thought that it seems like a reasonable idea which could be hilarious. I'm surprised to know that it is rare to get a chuckle out of the audience. It has a few laughing moments, but they are not common. I was really hoping this would be a laugh out loud comedy, but it was not even close.

The cast is very recognizable as Kristin Davis (Sex and the City), Vince Vaughn (Wedding Crashers), and Kristen Bell (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) are in it. This makes many comedy movie-goers excited. It is such a shame when good actors fall into a mediocre movie and don't deliver good performances. There is no real connection among the characters. The relationships seem fake and uninteresting. The characters get annoying very quickly.

One of the only strong points of the film are the visuals; the beaches, ocean shots and other beautiful views. A lot of it is most likely computer and green screen, but it is done wonderfully. However, it looks unreal because it resembles a utopia, a perfect place.

Couples Retreat is stale. It is rarely funny. At most it will make you chuckle. I am surprised it got number 1 in the box office this weekend since there are movies out that are much better. Couples Retreat is not recommended. Maybe give it a rent when it hits DVD, but don't expect too much or you will feel let down and disappointed.

My Rating = Two

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