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Clash of the Titans


Jeff Nelson

Clash of the Titans is an utter disappointment

Clash of the Titans
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There are some flicks such as The Dark Knight that are generally epic and everybody loves. This phenomenon grows from terrific trailers and spreads to a, hopefully, amazing film. Clash of the Titans has a trailer which is absolutely misleading.

Perseus, a god raised as a man, must lead a team of warriors to battle powerful enemies to save Argos and get his revenge on Hades himself. The plot itself altered a lot from the original story. The screenplay is atrocious. The dialogue is tacky and pathetic. It's unfortunate that the movie wasn't able to receive an at least mediocre script.

Sam Worthington plays Perseus and Liam Neeson is Zeus. These are two very recognizable actors who got caught in a big mess. Worthington lacks his usual charm given in such flicks as Terminator, Salvation and Avatar. Liam Neeson isn't on screen often and has no passion for his role. The role of Hades appears miscast. Ralph Fiennes doesn't do a bad job, but doesn't have the look for Hades. Most of the cast seems less than enthusiastic in their characters and this hurts the film.

Clash of the Titans is released in 2D, as well as 3D. The 3D element was added after production and wasn't known before it was being shot, so the 3D is awful. As for the 2D version, most of the CGI is strangely bad. This is a big budget blockbuster and couldn't bring a realistic Medusa to the screen. The only creature who seems to be real looking is the Kraken. The rest of the creatures look fake and it shows very boldly.

It's really weird for something such as this to happen. Clash of the Titans is supposed to be astonishingly good. Unfortunately, it's boring, feels long, and spits on some terrific original myths. This film missed the opportunity to make something truly great and left so much mythology out that could've been included. The Kraken fight lasted around five minutes, if that, and rushed through the story. Clash of the Titans is an utter disappointment and isn't worth seeing in theaters, let alone Blu-Ray or DVD.

My Rating = One and One Half Stars

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