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The Collector


Jeff Nelson

Only for those who can handle the blood and gore.

The Collector
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It's rare that a genre film such as The Collector gets a stab at a theatrical release. It definitely isn't surprising that it didn't do extremely well, but that's mainly due to a limited release and a lack of advertising. This is a movie that deserves to be put into wide release with better advertising. We see loads of slasher flicks being put into wide release, but how many of them deserve it? There's no doubt that this genre picture deserves a spot on screens all across the nation.

The extremely small cast has been chosen well. Josh Stewart gives a decent performance as the lead. He genuinely is a natural actor and doesn't overdo any of his lines. This enables his character to feel a lot more real. Juan Fernández is the killer and fits the part quite well. He doesn't recite any dialogue whatsoever, but he gives one hell of a presence. However, a few of the minor characters overdo their lines. It can take a viewer out of the atmosphere of the movie, but luckily these weren't leads

This obviously isn't the type of movie to allow young children to see. There's a lot of blood and truly gruesome moments. Although, it has substance behind it all. It has a plot and character depth behind Josh Stewart's character. It's entertaining and fast paced. The cinematography is stunning and just adds to create a more intense atmosphere. For those who can handle the blood and gore, this is definitely a movie to see.

My Rating = Four  Stars

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