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Jeff Nelson

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I recently saw the movie Coraline in 3D, not knowing to expect. I was told that it was to be just like Nightmare Before Christmas or better. First of all, I'd like to point out that the 3D is even better than My Bloody Valentine's 3D presentation. Everything was so clear, that the animation looked real. Not only was it clear, it was smooth, and this was a perfect movie for it. The movie is delightfully dark, with all its gothic glory. The "Other Mother" looked very creepy.

One reason I was not expecting to like this was because I really dislike Dakota Fanning. After a few years of nothing, she came back with one terrible movie Push and now Coraline. After a while, you completely forget that Dakota Fanning is in it, her voice being very unrecognizable.

I would recommend this for the whole family, but this movie could most definately give a young child nightmares. The whole movie could be like one huge nightmare in a young kid's head. I want to point out that this is still a great movie for all ages. The comedy is good, but most of all, the story is great.

The movie runs at 1 hour and 20 minutes, and you will wish that it would be longer. Once this movie gets started, you won't want it to stop. Another great thing is that I never really found many flaws about this movie. I cannot recommend this movie more. I would suggest everyone see it in 3D, but it is out of the theaters with that capability, but it may still be out in 2D theaters. If not, there is always DVD. If you are going to see just one animation movie that has come out in the past few months, make it Coraline.

My Rating = Five Stars

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