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Child's Play


Jeff Nelson

Child's Play is a fun horror film that will always hold its place in the timeline of the genre.

Child's Play
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The horror genre has been on one hell of a roller coaster for many years. There have been certain fads that have become popular and faded from the mainstream industry. There are always exceptions, of course. A popular one that has gone in and out of the genre's history is a mash of horror and comedy. After the original Child's Play, the rest dove much more into the comedy side than horror. Most people judge the film by the later additions to the series. I believe that the original Child's Play stands separate from the sequels and is what the series was when it was full-blown horror.

Before cops gun down a serial killer, he enacts a spell that transfers his soul into the body of a doll, known as Chucky. He ends up being a birthday present for a 6-year-old boy as a series of murders are enacted. The boy knows Chucky committed them, but nobody will believe him. If you think about it, the plot is ludicrous. A killer doll? Yes. As crazy as it is, Chucky has become a part of the genre's history. While Child's Play is certainly more horror than comedy like the sequels, there are still a few one-liners that are meant to crack a laugh or two. It's not as thrilling or terrifying as some hyped it up to be when it was first released. However, it's very entertaining and manages to remain interesting from beginning to end.

Along with the screenplay, the acting isn't award winning. It's still suitable and keeps the film on track. Catherine Hicks delivers the role of the boy's mother. She does a good job and makes her character feel believable. Brad Dourif performs as Chucky. He is seen as the killer in the beginning, but once the spell is made and his soul is switched, Dourif isn't seen anymore. Instead, he has become the iconic voice of the Chucky doll. Dourif does a great job voicing Chucky and the character would never be the same without him.

The movie could have turned into a complete disaster if the visuals went downhill. The Chucky doll doesn't compare to things put into films nowadays, but they look great for the time. They're still believable by today's standards. Chucky's look is an important element of the film. He needs to look innocent when others are around and creepy when he's possessed. This look was nailed throughout the film.

Those looking for a film that will scare them out of their wits will be disappointed with Child's Play. It's a fun movie that even after all of these years, remains satisfying. I don't hold it up on par with some of the other horror classics, but it's definitely better than most horror films that are released recently. Out of all the films in the franchise, this is easily the best one. Child's Play is a fun horror film that will always hold its place in the timeline of the genre.

My Rating = Four Stars

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