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Chain Letter


Jeff Nelson

To put it simply, stay away from this one.

Chain Letter
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The horror genre has certainly had its ups and downs. There are some that are made very well with fantastic cinematography. However, there are some that have no redeeming values whatsoever. Nevertheless, even these are put onto the big screen in wide release. There are plenty of independent horror/thrillers that deserve the attention much more than these type of releases. Chain Letter is a definite low for the genre.

A psychopath murders teenagers as they refuse to forward chain main. I have a difficult time explaining the 'plot' and keeping a straight face. It's a laughable concept. The fact alone that a film distribution company actually felt this would be a good idea is hilarious. I could understand the story if this was to be a horror/comedy, but that isn't the case. Needless to say, the dialogue just as horrid as the plot. There are a lot of loud screeching attempting to make its audience jump. This gimmick doesn't work here. Instead, it dumbs the flick down even further.

As if the story didn't make me roll my eyes enough, I was laughing throughout the movie due to the acting. I'm not going to comment too much on the acting portion of the movie since a flick of this nature is doomed for outrageously terrible acting. The filmmakers attempted to bring in Betsy Russell as a quick role in the movie. I'm sure this was a hook attempting to bring in fans of the Saw series. Her character's existence in the story felt awkward since she was there one minute, gone the next, seen again, and then gone for the rest of the running time. Not even worth putting her on the poster with an estimated five minute screen time.

Here comes the one category that earned Chain Letter one star. I'm not the only one who has become irritated with the CGI violence and gore. It creates an animated look that never fits a horror flick. Chain Letter chose to go the practical route. I'll take bad practical gags over CGI gore any day. While there definitely are some bad looking death scenes, there are a couple that work. I can't help but give kudos to the filmmakers for going the practical way over the inferior CGI direction.

Is Chain Letter the worst movie of 2010? Well, maybe not, but it gets close. With an abysmal box office gross, I assume no sequel will be released. At least not into mainstream theaters. While I feel that I wasted an hour and a half of my life on this, I'm glad I didn't shed one penny for it. There are so many great films that have a difficult time pushing their way into theaters, why does this get to be on the big screen? To put it simply, stay away from this one.

My Rating = One Star

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