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Jeff Nelson

Easily recommended,

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For people who just see the trailer, it won't appeal to all audiences. It is an "adult" thriller that will most likely appeal only to adults (or mature teenageers!). It is a beautiful movie that compels the viewer and gives them a journey of laughing, crying, and clapping.

The story was based on a true story. I did research on the incident and it seems to have followed the true story for the most part. There were some things that are exaggerated, but any movie will do this to spice it up a bit. The story was never confusing and always keeps the viewers just where the producers want them; on the edges of their seats.

The acting was simply incredible. Angelina Jolie performs one of her best roles. In this situation, she makes it seem like any normal woman, no matter how good a person she is, can crack under the pressure. If you are looking for a movie with perfect acting, this is a movie to check out.

This movie takes place in Los Angeles, in 1928. I looked at pictures on Google images after I saw this movie and it captured the look of Los Angeles at the time perfectly. It never went ahead of time, technology-wise, and it was obvious the writers knew exactly what they were talking about. It also shows that the cinematographer really knew what he was doing.

Overall, it was a real ride. It felt long in some parts, but there was always something going on. Don't do work or talk while watching this, you will not understand what you are watching. Give it all the attention you have and I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Easily recommended.

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My Rating = Four Stars

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