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Jeff Nelson

Carrie is a great film that has stood the test of time and will continue to do so.

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There are plenty of horror flicks that came out in the 1970's that are classics and will always be a major time for horror. However, some that are called classics are consider by others to be overrated.

Carrie is a shy and sheltered teen who has the ability to move objects with her mind. The high school crowd torments her with a sick joke at the prom, she lashes out with devastating and deadly power. It's a plot that is straight forward and doesn't every try to complicate what's going on. The biggest complaint I hear about this film is the pacing and that the beginning is "boring". I find this to be inaccurate, as it builds characters to make the viewers either love or hate the characters, and those lines are blurring by the end of the film.

It's unbelievably rare for any type of horror film to be nominated for any category at the Academy Awards. Both Sissy Spacek and Piper Laurie were nominated for Oscars. It's needless to say that the acting is superb, to say the least. Sissy Spacek is chilling as Carrie and truly pulls off her role. The deadly stare she gives is absolutely stunning. Piper Laurie does a fantastic job as the abusive and overly religious mother of Carrie, is convincing and will make every audience despise her.

For most of the film, it's shot with standard camera angles and nothing too special is thrown in. However, the final 15-20 minutes are unforgettable. The lighting and set at the destroyed prom is chilling and shot very well.

Audiences from this generation will definitely split down the middle. However, love it or hate it, it's a classic. This movie inspired many others and is referenced heavily in pop culture. Stephen King's first novel is brought to life beautifully. The only complaint I have is that there could have been a bit more destruction and mayhem occurring in the finale. Carrie is a great film that has stood the test of time and will continue to do so.

My Rating = Four Stars

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