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Jeff Nelson

Captivity is simply a bad horror flick to be avoided.

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Any movie that is successful and original has a large load of cheap rip-offs to follow. Unfortunately, there are a lot of these wasting theaters that could be showing something original. It's understandable when a film is influenced, but not when it steals the idea and butchers it.

Self-absorbed fashion model Jennifer awakens to find herself locked in a cellar with fellow prisoner Gary and under the watchful eye of a captor with the intent to begin sadistic mind games. As the two try to escape, their watcher sees every move they make. Does this sound familiar? It's very simlar to SAW. From nearly the moment the film begins, Jennifer is already unbearably unlikable. The screenplay is predictable and can be easily guessed from the first ten minutes. The dialogue is awful and the film never flows. The ending attempts to make a motive for the captor, but it comes across as pathetic.

There are a very few characters and all of them are unlikable. The actors all feel as if they don't even slightly care about their roles. Elisha Cuthbert performs as Jennifer and is forgettable, to say the least. Daniel Gillies is Gary and is tolerable when first on screen. However, he becomes more irritating as the film goes on. There isn't anybody who stands out, in a good or bad way. Their acting chops are just flat.

When I said that this film is simlar to SAW, it's not only in the plot. The video editing and the style are exceedingly similar as well. For a film that advertises as a torture flick, there isn't much blood. The gore FX that are used look fake. The atmosphere is weak and never creates the claustrophobic climate that it should be conveying. This should have been the easiest section for this film to accomplish since most of it takes place in one room.

As Jennifer unnaturally changes frame of mind from the first to the second half of the film, the audience can't help but think how bad this film is. I always say if a film is going to imitate another, do it well. This flick just stole from SAW and essentially spits on the idea, giving it a bad name. There's no way that this can win an audience. Torture fans won't like it due to the fact that there's an extremely small amount of torturing. Thriller fans won't appreciate it because it's not suspenseful or thrilling. Captivity is simply a bad horror flick to be avoided.

My Rating = One Star

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