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Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows


Jeff Nelson

If you spend any money on this movie, you will regret it.

Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows
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Since the first one ended with a lot of mystery, the producers had the need to make a second one. The obvious reason for making another one was to cash in. Unfortunately for them, this movie did not last long in theaters because of all the bad reviews and almost no money coming in.

It is about a group of people going back into the woods to look for the three students who went missing. They want to find out what happened to them and if they are dead. They go back into town finding a lot of sticks tied together to look almost like a cross. Furthermore, the items they bring back are haunted. Now they have brought the Blair Witch into the town. They are being haunted by her and have to get rid of the curse before they are dead. The story would be perfect if they left it alone as the first one since the cliff hanger is a good one. It is an unnecessary plot that dragss.

The acting is poor. None of the performances are memorable. The acting skills are those you would get out of a straight-to-cable movie. Every situation seems fake because of the actors' inability to act. Each line comes off as cheesy and repetitive. There is nothing special about this cast.

Unlike the original, The Blair Witch Project, there are very few handheld cam scenes. It is filmed like a real movie for the most part. The director wants to keep the cheap feel, it seems, since every prop looks fake. We even get to see the Blair Witch in this movie and her makeup is awful. She did not look menacing or scary in the leastt. If they are going to film this like a real movie, then use makeup like a real movie.

Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows is an awful movie. It is boring and repeats the same lines over and over again, merely rephrasing them. I liked the idea of the Blair Witch being unknown and not knowing what she looks like. We see her in broad day light and this movie destroys the little bit that I enjoyed in my first viewing of The Blair Witch Project. If you are going to see this, make sure you are getting it for free. If you spend any money on this, you will regret it.

My Rating = One and One Half Stars

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