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Bad Santa


Jeff Nelson

Bad Santa is one of the funniest Christmas movies around and is highly recommended to all of those who enjoy this humor.

Bad Santa
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There are only a few Christmas movies that are actually memorable. The Christmas comedies generally feel too cliché with a lot of the exact same jokes seen by moviegoers year after year. However, it's always great to have a couple more modern movies to watch each Christmas with friends and family, but it's unfortunate that there aren't many.

Criminals Willie and Marcus disguise themselves as Santa Claus and his elf and travel across the country to major malls, using the good will people have for Santa to rob the mall stores blind. The problem is that Willie can't stand kids. Their plan continues to progress perfectly until Willie meets an outcast 8-year-old boy who reminds them of the true meaning of Christmas. As you can clearly see, the plot is simple and used quite often. What this film does that others don't is all within its comedy. The lines of hilarious dialogue are quick and are spoken one after the other. The comedy is all very vulgar and not appropriate for children. The movie is so funny that the time flies by and the film is over before you know it.

Another thing that Christmas comedies aren't expected to have is good acting. Don't expect award winning acting and you may be pleasantly surprised with what you find here. Bad Santa stars Billy Bob Thornton, Lauren Graham, Bernie Mac, Tony Cox, John Ritter, and others. Billy Bob Thornton performs as who just may be the most vile character in Christmas movie history. He plays this character to perfection and is extremely convincing. Bernie Mac does a fantastic job in delivering the laughs, as well. The whole cast communicates well and recite the hysterical lines with ease.

The one thing you can expect from every single Christmas movie including this one is the music. It's filled with the classic Christmas songs that we hear around the Holidays every year and during these films. Editing and camera work are what you'd expect from any other Christmas comedy.

Every family and/or group of friends have a movie or two that they enjoy watching each Holiday season. For me, Bad Santa is on that list. I watch it every year and it remains to be absolutely hilarious with each viewing. However, this is strictly an adult Christmas comedy that's definitely not for kids. Bad Santa is one of the funniest Christmas movies around and is highly recommended to all of those who enjoy this humor.

My Rating = Four Stars

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