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Battle Royale II


Jeff Nelson

Battle Royale II is an underwhelming sequel...

Battle Royale II
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When sequels are being made, it's never a bright idea to bring the exact same thing with different sets, otherwise it may become stale. This is the thinking of the movie studios and are only partially true. It isn't a fantastic idea to bring a clone of the first film, but isn't exactly a terrific concept to change the genre and emotion given to the viewer either.

Three years after Battle Royale, survivor Shuya Nanahara heads a terrorist group. He wants to bring down the Japanese regime that made him kill his friends. Now, 42 junior high students must fight Shuya Nanahara and his army against their will, or pay the ultimate price. One thing that made Battle Royale as amazing as it was is the shockingly creative survival story.This didn't carry over to Battle Royale II. The sequel replicates a war flick instead of a survivor film. The screenplay is atrocious and tasteless.

Tatsuya Fujiwara, Shuya Nanahara's actor, did his part well in Battle Royale, but fell apart in this sequel. The rest of the cast is a disgrace bringing, at best, mediocre acting. There isn't one redeeming actor to save this movie and doesn't aid the poor dialogue.

Production value is the only factor the sequel has over the original. The battle scenes are quite intense. The level of violence isn't even comparable. The first had much more gore, while this sequel has gunshots, for the most part. This causes quick moments of brutality, but didn't juxtapose to the first flick. However, everything from gunshots to explosions, the battlefield appears marvelous.

It's disappointing to see such a great movie and an awful sequel. The only saving grace of this movie is the visuals. It has absolutely no substance and is all talk with an unusually long running time. It continues to bring up unnecessary politics in every direction. There are several plot holes that don't sit well with the viewer. The same war formula is used nonstop throughout the film from start to finish. Battle Royale II is an underwhelming sequel not worth checking out.

My Rating = Two Stars

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