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A Beautiful Mind


Jeff Nelson

To put it simply, A Beautiful Mind is the perfect example of beautiful cinema. Highly recommended.

A Beautiful Mind
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There are true stories all over the world that would create phenomenal cinema. A Beautiful Mind portrays a man who beat all odds, despite his illness. However, movies always exaggerate elements in order to make the film more interesting to mainstream audiences. If specific components were taken away from movies such as A Beautiful Mind and the actual true story was told scene for scene, audiences would be craving more theatrics. Director Ron Howard along with writer Akiva Goldsman did just that.

John Forbes Nash Jr. was a brilliant economist. His life changed forever with the revelation that he was schizophrenic, although his brilliance persisted amidst the anguish his mental illness caused for him and his wife. From the first few minutes of the film, audiences are able to predict the type of character John Nash is. However, we are more drawn into Nash as the movie continues. The screenplay is absolutely phenomenal. The dialogue flows smoothly and naturally. Pacing is excellent as A Beautiful Mind proves that top-notch writing truly immerses its viewers. Unfortunately, the final act of the film loses steam. It drives to the tearjerker territory and feels rather cliché. With the exception of the ending, A Beautiful Mind has a script that comes close to perfection.

I could speak for quite some time about the performances. Russell Crowe is John Nash. While he was nominated, I will never understand how he didn't win the Academy Award for Best Actor. He owns the role and truly became the character. Jennifer Connelly rightfully won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Connelly plays Alicia Nash and delivers every line with perfection. When Crowe and Connelly are on screen together, the chemistry is beautiful. It simply doesn't feel like these are roles they are representing, but as if it's them. Director Ron Howard provides stunning direction to the entire cast as they have developed an exceptionally real atmosphere.

Most fans of cinema are sure to have already seen A Beautiful Mind, but those who haven't seen it should check it out as soon as possible. It's marvelous filmmaking. The only complaint I have that keeps this film from a perfect 5 out of 5 star rating is the ending. It felt as if Hollywood forced this ending in as it didn't feel natural like the rest of the movie did. The lead actors are ground-breaking and very memorable. To put it simply, A Beautiful Mind is the perfect example of beautiful cinema. Highly recommended.

My Rating = Four and One Half Stars

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