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Batman Begins


Jeff Nelson

Batman Begins is a superhero flick which just adds to Nolan's spectacular career.

Batman Begins
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Masked superheroes have been spread through comic books, movies, tv shows, and many other forms of media. Most of these heroes are the same, are predictable, and cliché. Forget about the cheesy adaptations of Batman, and watch him begin his descent into a more serious take on the masked vigilante.

Bruce Wayne trains with a skilled ninja and returns to Gotham City to follow his parents' brutal murder only to find it overrun with crime and corruption. Bruce soon takes a new identity to restore order in Gotham. It's quite interesting to see Bruce Wayne become a more vulnerable character than how he has been previously been shown. Not only does the viewer get to see what made Bruce Wayne into Batman, but the emotional struggle. The screenplay is well-written, filled with clever lines. The pacing is great as we don't see Bruce Wayne turn from an innocent boy to the brutal Batman, but to see how it affected him and get to witness him breaking down. Batman isn't the only character that's depicted and other characters get their share of attention and get to be on a ride along with the characters.

This film could have easily been poor with the wrong cast. However, the right people were chosen for their roles. Christian Bale is a perfect match for Bruce Wayne. Liam Neeson may not get a lot of screen time, but he does a great job at what he does. Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, Cillian Murphy, and others are all fantastic. The dialogue is spoken well, for the most part. Katie Holmes isn't such a good choice to play the role of Bruce's best childhood friend Rachel. Her acting feels out of place and too dramatic compared to the rest of the cast.

Of all the superheroes, Batman is the one who is known for lurking in the shadows. The sets are perfect and the lighting allows just enough for its viewers to see what is happening, while still obtaining dark shots. When Batman doesn't want to be seen by his target, the audience won't be seeing him either. The atmosphere, fight scenes, and everything all combine into a beautifully shot action film.

Christopher Nolan is an extraordinary filmmaker. He took a superhero and turned him into a character with many sides and depth to each one. While accomplishing that, he's able to bring the fighting that everyone knows and loves about Batman. Batman Begins is a superhero flick which just adds to Nolan's spectacular career.

My Rating = Four Stars

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