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Battle: Los Angeles


Jeff Nelson

While there are quite a few flaws scattered throughout the movie, it's an entertaining ride.

Battle: Los Angeles
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Every year, there are always huge Hollywood blockbusters that draw the attention of many people. I'm included in the group as one of many moviegoers who had Battle: Los Angeles as a highly anticipated movie. If you're into action films at all, the trailer should have left you craving for more. I tried to ignore all of the stills and clips to not spoil anything for me until I saw it on the big screen. Battle: Los Angeles has finally been released, but does it live up to the excitement?

A group of brave Marines fight to protect all of humankind from powerful aliens who have suddenly invaded Earth. The plot is extremely similar to movies such as Independence Day, but without the comedy. For the most part, this is a serious venture into what may be the end of the world. Even though I have been hyped up to see the film, I knew that the screenplay wouldn't be an award winner. The audience is introduced to quite a few characters. However, don't get too attached as characters come and go rather often. I found myself sitting in my seat wondering when the action would be pumped up. I was mainly waiting for some of the sequences from the trailer. Unfortunately, many of those scenes weren't until the very final battle of the movie. There definitely are interesting battles, but the final one stands out. I highly doubt many people were expecting a great script out of this, but everyone was expecting an action flick with astonishing action scenes flooding the running time. Many of the scenes felt cliché in the war genre and is all just stuff we've all seen before.

Through the large load of characters passing through the movie, there are two that are easily the centerpiece. Aaron Eckhart and Michelle Rodriguez are the two biggest stars the cast has. Both of these actors are talented and have some good films under their belts. They fit the movie well and feel believable in the roles. This isn't saying that the rest of the cast is bad. In fact, all of the Marines seem to play their parts well. This includes the civilians traveling with the Marines. Nobody here will blow you away, but they give decent enough performances.

The trailer clearly drew in a very particular audience. It showed almost nothing other than things blowing up and other insane chaos occurring. After a preview such as that, I expected some genuinely epic sequences. As mentioned before, most of the action scenes are quite standard. The CGI looks great and cinematography is interesting. For those who hate the handheld camera effect, you're not going to be happy. While this isn't being filmed by one of the characters while running, the shot is almost never steady. I'm aware that some people despise this filming style. The explosions are far from tame and there are a lot of superb shots showing Los Angeles being torn apart. The gritty style being used in Battle: Los Angeles certainly worked in its favor.

For those who believed that Battle: Los Angeles would be one of the most intense action films to hit the screen in a while will be disappointed. While there are quite a few flaws scattered throughout the movie, it's an entertaining ride. There are some tense moments, specifically near the end that work. A movie that was supposed to be great ended up being just alright. If you're highly interested in seeing this, I say check it out to get your own opinion.

My Rating = Three Stars

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