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Boys Don't Cry


Jeff Nelson

Boys Don't Cry is an absolute must see.

Boys Don't Cry
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The film Boys Don't Cry deals with a story that takes on the true story of Brandon Teena and tackles issues still present in modern society. Brandon Teena was transgendered teenager who was murdered. The story of Teena is heart breaking and surely isn't a joyful one, which is clearly represented by the film. This Oscar-winning film isn't something you see often and will definitely have you thinking about it after the credits are done rolling.

Brandon Teena is a transgendered young man searching for love and acceptance in a small Midwestern town. As he forges a deep connection with Lana, a local beauty, the prejudices of the community come forward. Those who have read the original story know just how truly upsetting it really is. The screenplay is absolutely phenomenal on every level. In order to completely pull the audience into a film such as this, a strong script is absolutely essential. The pacing is smooth as can be. I don't see how any viewer could possibly become bored anywhere within the running time. Every character is introduced to the audience and then quite a bit of depth is given to each respectively. The development of Brandon Teena makes the story all the more disturbing. You can't help but feel anger over the situation and root for him and Lana. As I'm sure you could predict, the ending is a depressing one. Every viewer will be affected by the movie.

While the screenplay is fantastic, the acting brings it full circle. Without this stellar cast, the film wouldn't have had as great of an impact while watching. Hilary Swank performs as Brandon Teena. She more than deserved the Oscar for her performance. I couldn't possibly imagine any other actor getting as buried into her role as much as she did. Swank is believable, natural, and sincerely becomes Brandon Teena. ChloŽ Sevigny received an Oscar nomination for playing Brandon Teena's lover, Lana Tisdel. While not as hardcore as Swank's rendition, she does very well. She feels very genuine and has marvelous chemistry with Hilary Swank on screen. The entire cast is impressive, but Hilary Swank and ChloŽ Sevigny are clearly in the foreground.

The film Boys Don't Cry was created on a rather small budget of an estimated two million dollars. The film has a grainy texture to it that benefits the gritty atmosphere of the film. Kimberly Peirce does just as excellent a job behind the camera as she did on the screenplay. The sound mixing gets the job done. The dialogue is well prioritized and is never hard to hear conversations. The visual portion of the film is fine.

Thanks to Kimberly Peirce, the cast, and the crew, the story of Brandon Teena was told and will never be forgotten. His story will continue to be told through this film. This is a perfect example of exceptional film. I very highly recommend seeing it if you can handle it. For those who aren't fans of Hilary Swank will quickly become one after seeing her performance here. This is a dark and upsetting movie that will stay with you hours after you see it. It isn't very easy to shake off. Boys Don't Cry is an absolute must see.

My Rating = Five Stars

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