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Jeff Nelson

...just a film to watch for fun...

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Whenever most audiences see a trailer for a film, expectation are set. The better the trailer, the higher the expectations. This sometimes isn't fair for the film, since people may have such high predictions for the movie that the smallest flaws stick out.

A group of young Mardi Gras partygoers crash their car, but an ambulance strangely shows up to take them to Mercy Hospital, where they seem to be the only patients. The staff is full of delusional psychos and the friends must escape the hospital before it's too late. The plot is obviously paper-thin and it appears non-existant throughout the film. The dialogue is constantly tacky and unrealistic. A majority of the screenplay seems like a first draft.

It's a low budget film, which is expected to have atrocious acting. However, Robert Patrick performs very well as the incredibly creepy doctor at Mercy Hospital. All of the friends are terrible actors, except Ross McCall, who plays Jude. He may not of put on an Oscar winning acting job, but he definitely rises above the rest of the partygoers.

Of course, except for the very beginning, the entire film takes place in a hospital. However, the atmosphere set in Mercy Hospital is what gives this movie its power. It's incredibly spooky and almost seems like a never ending maze of a hospital. Although, some of the gore and organs appear fake. The visuals are rather disturbing, such as showing a spinal tap.

Autopsy will most likely only be enjoyed if audiences walk in without any expectations, good or bad. I originally viewed this film without even knowing the concept and walked out a bit surprised. This film also offers the dumbest cop in film history. Autopsy is worth a rental. It is just a film to watch for fun and not putting a lot into it.

My Rating = Three Stars

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