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And Soon the Darkness (2010)


Jeff Nelson

And Soon Comes the Darkness isn't the worst remake, but sure as hell isn't very good.

And Soon the Darkness (2010)
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I doubt that this will surprise many, but this is a remake of a British film from 1970 by the same name. Some remakes make sense in the way that fans may want to see franchises like Friday the 13th being modernized. It sure looks like Hollywood doesn't have much to remake since they're remaking this.

Two American friends, Ellie and Stephanie, set out for a bike trip through Argentina. One afternoon, Ellie disappears, leaving Stephanie is alone in a foreign land and wonders if either of them will reach home alive. The single most irritating thing about this film is the plot. Women that look like models wouldn't dare to go to a foreign country by themselves dressing the way they do. Ellie teases men at the bar and flirts with many strangers, which is a bold move in a foreign culture. It's such a large stretch of the imagination that it feels incredibly fake. No one would ever make decisions as dumb as these girls have made. Due to a small fight, the girls separate in the middle of nowhere. The dialogue ranges from awful to bad. Some of the character's decisions are so unbearably unrealistic that it will cause you to get very angry with the film.The entire plot is predictable and none of the twists and turns are worthwhile.

The biggest reason anyone is going to see And Soon the Darkness is for the eye-candy that is the two main actresses. Amber Heard performs as Stephanie, while Odette Yustman is Ellie. Both actresses are very capable, especially in this genre. However, their characters are so one-dimensional that not much can be brought to the characters from the acting. Both Heard and Yustman have seen better days, but they're fine here. Karl Urban suffers from the same fate as Yustman and Heard that the screenplay kills any chance at good performances.

When going traveling, beautiful scenery of other countries is always beautiful. And Soon the Darkness doesn't hold that back and shows plenty of breath-taking views of Argentina. The camera work is surprisingly decent and even during the chase scenes, it's never difficult to see what's happening. Later into the film, there is a large sense of dread in the atmosphere with dull grey colors filling the screen. The entire set could have been used more to the filmmaker's advantage, but became a missed opportunity.

I didn't see a lot of potential for this film to begin with, but I hoped that I would have been in for a pleasant surprise. Unfortunately, it's very cliché and presents an extremely unrealistic plot that requires a large stretch of imagination to get through it. The characters do stupid things that no one in their right mind would ever do. Odette Yustman and Amber Heard have proven that they perform well with the correct script, but never got the opportunity here. And Soon Comes the Darkness isn't the worst remake, but sure as hell isn't very good.

My Rating = Two and One Half Stars

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