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A Perfect Getaway


Jeff Nelson

A Perfect Getaway is not perfect, but still is very good...

A Perfect Getaway
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When movies are released, they are advertised in advance to get people excited. A Perfect Getaway did not advertise until about a month before it was released theatrically. It's hard to know what to expect when a movie is advertised so close to the film's wide release.

The moment I saw the trailer, I knew the story would be decent. Yes, it is a survival movie, and no it is not a remake or rip off. A Perfect Getaway is a mystery and thriller and uses twists throughout leading to a fantastic ending. There are twists that not many people will expect.

The biggest known name in this film is MIlla Jovovich, who has starred in The Fifth Element and the Resident Evil. Whenever I see her name on a film, I know that the acting will be splendid. Milla makes every movie she does realistic just by the emotion she gives to it. The rest of the cast do well and there are not too many lines that seem unrealistic. Milla Jovovich simply gives another brilliant performance.

For films such as A Perfect Getaway and Turistas, visuals are very important. The film is taking place in Hawaii, a beautiful place wkich it needs to be shown. At the beginning of the movie there are beautiful island and ocean shots. The filming locations are absolutely perfect. The blood and props look very realistic and nothing looks fake. The visuals are great and I am glad that they boast the scenery to the audience.

Overall, this film passes in each category, but parts of it dragged. Some scenes go on longer than necessary and begin to get dull. Once the mystery and clues begin to show up is when the film starts to get interesting. When violence and blood starts up, it doesn't stop until the film ends. This is not just a thriller, either, it is also funny, purposely. It makes fun of itself quite a few times and during romantic moments in the end. A Perfect Getaway is not perfect, but still is very good and recommended to be seen theatrically.

My Rating = Three and One Half Stars

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