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Jeff Nelson

Antibodies is recommended to those who's psyche can handle it.

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There are some films made that are too intense for American audiences. These movies are produced in other countries and usually stay there. The MPAA cracks down hard on horror flicks and most have to fight for an R rating. Antibodies is one of those films.

It's about a serial killer and pedophile who is caught after a shoot-out with the police. He molested children and then made paintings with their blood. Although he's captured, there is still an unsolved murder of a young girl. A mind game begins between a cop from the girl's town and the sick serial killer. This sounds like just the normal crime/thriller, but it's not. The script is compelling and sucks the viewer in. The subject matter alone is enough to push audiences away.

The acting from the cop (Norman Reedus) and the killer (André Hennicke) is excellent. Norman Reedus displays how emotional and deep his acting can be. It's crucial to who's cast for the role of the killer. The person who cast in that role has to have the look and has to be able to come across as a psychopath. There is no better choice than André Hennicke. The actors go above and above with these roles.

In a film such as this, visuals are paramount. There aren't explosions and car chases, so a different style is needed. The camera angles and the way the film is shown are very important. This film succeeds in each category of effects. The camera shoots what's going on well in short takes. The film gives off a gritty and hopeless feeling. This is the world of Antibodies.

Antibodies is a German crime/thriller film with English subtitles, but needs a warning. The subject matter is too gross for most audiences. This film doesn't show children being harmed, but shows one aftermath from afar. The killer goes into depth about what he did to one of them and it's so shocking, many people won't want to watch. If you think that you can handle this film, then it's well worth seeing. Antibodies is recommended to those who's psyche can handle it.

My Rating = Four and One Half Stars

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