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American Teen


Jeff Nelson

A well-crafted film for all to see.

American Teen
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Movies about teenagers can be complicated. The script and characters have to seem realistic to a teenager's life...to a teenager. Over half of the movies fail. Fortunately, this is one that succeeds.

American Teen is about a group of completely different kids going through their senior year of high school. There is one student from each clique being followed. The story is believable and each situation is totally real. The writing is smart and clever.

The actors are actual high school students seniors. These teenagers are featuring themselves. This makes the film even more interesting. Every character is sincere and gives the audience some sort of emotion about each person as individuals. The feelings range from hating a character to rooting for one. The actors are all fascinating in their own ways.

American Teen is an indie film. These low budget films normally don't look good. This movie serves its purpose. It's a documentary-like comedy that is shot well. There are a few scenes with computer animations, which are used appropriately.

Out of all the teenage flicks, this is one of the best. It's funny, entertaining, playful and interesting. This movie is comical about politics, high school drama, cliques, and some sexual humor. American Teen is highly recommended for any audience. This will show the small ups and big downs to being a teenager in todays society.

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My Rating = Four Stars

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