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Alien 3


Jeff Nelson

Check it out if you must see the whole franchise, but the first two entries of the series are more worthy of your time

Alien 3
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The first two films of the Alien franchise are known to be classics in many groups. However, the same cannot be said for Alien 3. It's such a shame given that David Fincher is behind the camera. It's hard to think that the same man that made this also made The Social Network, Seven (Se7en), and Fight Club. He has more than made up for this.

Ripley is the lone survivor when her spaceship crashes on a planet inhabited by former prison inmates. Her fears that an alien came aboard her craft are confirmed when bodies begin to pile up. Ripley is yet again exposed to the creature and must lead the inmates into battle against it in order to survive. This is miraculously the second time that Ripley has been the lone survivor on the spacecraft. The second film Aliens had a lot to do about Ripley keeping Newt safe and getting her off of the planet alive. However, Alien 3 speaks of her death and then brushes it off. The characters within the prison are obviously all unlikable, but they just aren't interesting. Ripley continues to be a character that's engaging to follow on screen. Alien 3 marks a new breed of alien that just isn't as appealing as the original ones were. The screenplay fails on quite a few levels with a lot of tacky one liners that don't work.

Sigourney Weaver continues to be great, as always. In each of the Alien films, despite the weaker installments, she still manages to be very thrilling to watch on screen. She completes the character of Ellen Ripley and I can't imagine it being performed by any other actress. Other than Weaver, the film is filled with forgettable performances that aren't on par with the female lead.

Nominated for an Oscar, the visuals are rather superb for the time this film was released. David Fincher does a great job behind the camera with angles. The cinematography and lighting are well done. A lot of effort was obviously placed into the visuals department of the film. It would have been wise to put more energy into the rest of the film, as the first two entries of the series did.

Every director has a movie or two that they shouldn't be very proud to have done. This is David Fincher's. He's a phenomenal filmmaker who made a dud, but has shown throughout his career his incredible talent. Alien 3 lacks part of what made the first two films in the series so great. The suspense and tension leading up to the final moments in the film. This is absolutely absent from Alien 3 and becomes dull at times. Check it out if you must see the whole franchise, but the first two entries of the series are more worthy of your time.

My Rating = Two Stars

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