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Jeff Nelson

Aliens is one of the strongest films of the genre and is highly recommended.

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There's one opinion that is usually shared by most moviegoers about nearly every movie series ever created. This is that the sequel is never as good or better than the original. It's true that most sequels don't capture the same charm that was originally created by the first. However, there are a handful of films that are named to be just as good or better than their original. Aliens has been mentioned as one of these films.

The only survivor, Lt. Ripley, explains her horrific account of her crew's fate for it to only be mocked. The disappearance of colonists on the planet prompt a team of high-tech Marines to investigate. Ripley is brought along as an advisor, only to return to the horror she once survived. Ridley Scott was replaced behind the camera with James Cameron. A lot of changes were made to the formula of the series. For those who were looking for a quicker paced film than the first will be pleased with how this film moves along. There's much less character development and dialogue and much more gun firing, explosions, and alien screeching. The titles between the two films heavily tell the difference between the two films. Alien and Aliens. There's only a single alien in the first one, while the sequel offers an entire planet filled with them. The screenplay is filled with crowd-pleasers and memorable one-liners that take a large part of Hollywood history.

The Alien franchise wouldn't ever be the same without Sigourney Weaver. She presents a performance just as great as the one she delivered in Alien. Weaver is brilliant as Ripley and won't ever be forgotten in this role. Bill Paxton has grown a lot since his role in Aliens, but his performance is suitable for the film. All of actors pull their own weights well.

One of the biggest improvements from Alien to Aliens is the visuals. After the popularity of the first one, a larger budget was placed towards the sequel. The aliens look better. Since there's a lot more action, all of the gun firing and explosions look great. Once it comes to the Queen, the visuals stand the test of time by still looking great even by today standards.

When comparing and contrasting Alien and Aliens, it's tough to put one above the other. They both have their strengths and weaknesses. However, they're both absolutely phenomenal films that are classics. Alien is considered to be a mix of horror and science fiction while Aliens is a mix of action and science fiction. This is one of the best films James Cameron has ever done. Aliens is one of the strongest films of the genre and is highly recommended.

My Rating = Four and One Half Stars

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