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Aliens In the Attic


Jeff Nelson

...doesn't have anything on Gremlins, but is perfect for children.

Aliens In the Attic
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When I heard of Aliens In The Attic, I thought of Gremlins and The Goonies. I never liked The Goonies, but Gremlins is quite the classic. This film doesn't have anything on Gremlins, but is OK for children.

As I stated above, this is a lot like a mix of Gremlins and The Goonies. The stories are similar. Siblings and their cousins go to a vacation house and aliens come from the attic claiming they are going to invade the earth. Of course, the parents won't believe them, so the kids are alone to save the planet. It is a simple premise that never really held my attention.

I only saw decent acting from Robert Hoffman and Ashley Tisdale. They showed some human-like characteristics that I could see someone acting like in real life. These two characters were the least shown as well, which is very disappointing. The cousins and the brother were all very boring to watch and to listen to. I'm sure that this movie could of held my attention much more if Hoffman and Tisdale were shown more on screen.

I expected visuals to be top notch in a film such as this. I stand corrected, the CGI is awful. The aliens look fake and the mouths don't even fully match with the voices. Explosions and thunder bolts go off in the film, but not even one special effect looked realistic. I am always surprised to see bad effects in modern movies. Overall, Aliens In the Attic is disappointing for adults and teenagers, but great for kids. I chuckled only once or twice throughout, and of course those were parts with Ashley Tisdale and Robert Hoffman. The film tries too hard to be funny that it comes off cheesy and ridiculous. I would not recommend this one on the big screen, but as a rental it will to keep the children entertained for a little while.

My Rating = Two and One Half Stars

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