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The Adventures of Tintin


Jeff Nelson

It's a definitely a solid rental for those interested.

The Adventures of Tintin
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With Steven Spielberg's name on a film, it's guaranteed to do well. After all, some people call him a master of filmmaking. With him releasing both The Adventures of Tintin and War Horse in the same year, I wasn't too excited to see either. The Adventures of Tintin got a little bit more of my interest than War Horse did. I found that film's trailer alone to be an extremely dull affair. However, The Adventures of Tintin's trailer came off as being recycled, but to contain light family fun with some outstanding animation. This is exactly what I went into the film with in mind. Digital filmmaking has certainly taken off with audiences, so the main studios seem to embrace them without a stutter. Some of these family animated films come off as preachy and tacky while others turn out to be beautifully told stories that are more suitably displayed through animation. Which is The Adventures of Tintin?

Tintin has his first encounter with Captain Haddock and discovers a clue to the treasure and sunken ship commanded by the captain's ancestor, Sir Francis Haddock. However, someone else is also looking for the ship as the pair seeks protection from a former thief as they set out to find the lost treasure. To put it simply, the entire feel of the film is strikingly similar to that of Raiders of the Lost Ark. While the styles seem to be similar, it's actually an adaptation of George Remi's classic comic strip. I have never seen the comic strips, although the story is very straight-forward and easy to follow. Even though it's so simple, I still find myself being interested in the plot as it never lost my attention as it's full of life. Our main character, Tintin, is likable and definitely somebody that audiences are able to root for throughout all of the action unfolding on screen. Captain Haddock is supposed to hold quite a bit of the comic relief, I found him to be an irritating character that even slowed the film's pacing down at times. However, he becomes just as likable as Tintin by the time everything has been said and done. The dialogue is solid, although I didn't find myself appreciating as much humor as it attempts to convey. As a family feature, I can see each person enjoying the story and the characters overall. The ending sets up for an obvious sequel, which could actually be rather interesting if it's taken in the right direction.

Behind our animated characters are some actors I enjoyed hearing. Jamie Bell performs as Tintin. He fits the character well. Despite the fact that I'm very familiar with his work, his voiceover here made me completely forget that I was hearing somebody simply speaking over an animated film. The rest of the cast contains Andy Serkis as Captain Haddock, Daniel Craig as Sakharine, Nick Frost as Thomson, and Simon Pegg as Thompson. Without even glancing at the rest of the cast, this is an impressive group of actors that deliver solid voiceover work.

Calling The Adventures of Tintin a marvelous looking animated feature is an understatement. From the first frame that appeared on screen, my jaw dropped. The amount of detail that's present here is absolutely stunning. There were many times that I was watching this and completely forgot I was even watching an animated movie. It feels as if I was watching a live action feature. It's incredible how much filmmakers are able to do with this technology. The people look realistic and even the backdrops have so much put into them that an entirely new world has been created here. The audio is just as impressive as the visual aspect of the film. The dialogue is firmly centered in the front stage and never difficult to hear. The surrounds are constantly active. Sometimes they're aggressive and other times they're able to immerse the audiences by providing subtle atmospheric effects, such as waves and wind. The bass is powerful, but not overly loud. This is a beautifully rendered film that deserves the attention i has received in this department.

If your'e looking for something new and original. you aren't going to find it here when it comes to the plot and the characters, as to be expected. However, this is solid family entertainment. Despite its predictability, this is a light action motion picture that most certainly has its moments. Look out for a chase sequence for the scrolls as you're sure to be engrossed. The kids are sure to love every minute of this, although more mature viewers might not be praising this quite as much. I enjoyed The Adventures of Tintin, but it isn't the Oscar-worthy film that many viewers made it out to be. However, it's a definitely a solid rental for those interested.

My Rating = Three and One Half Stars

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