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The Adjustment Bureau


Jeff Nelson

The movie has a great on-screen couple and a plot that's engaging from start to finish.

The Adjustment Bureau
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I'm positive that I'm not the only one who has become ill with seeing all of these remakes and sequels. What happened to the original film? The ones based on creative short stories? They're a rare species these days. The ones that do have original concepts are usually hard to find and released only into a handful of theaters nationwide. The Adjustment Bureau comes off of a short story. It may not be the most original concept to grace the silver screen, but it certainly knows how to keep the audience's attention from the beginning to the ending credits.

A young and popular congressman on the political scene finds himself falling in love with a beautiful ballerina, but their love affair has been predestined to never happen. Anyone who has seen the trailer should know the basic plot. It's an interesting concept that genuinely does have its moments. The dialogue ranges from having its moments of clever and witty dialogue to some tacky romance scenes. However, the film has a good mix of both. It doesn't fall too much into the smoochy stuff seen in romance flicks, but doesn't come on too strong with trying to have some clever lines of dialogue. At least in the beginning. The start of the film is very well done, but seems to lose some steam as the film continues. There are one or two romance scenes that feel out of place for this film and are almost something that you would see on the Lifetime channel. I understand that this plot is taking the 'Love Conquers All' theme, but it came on a little strong near the end. The pacing is quick and never drags along as there's nearly always something happening.

It's without a doubt that the cast will be a large part of the film's popularity. Matt Damon and Emily Blunt are perfect for the main roles. They both have proved their skills in individual films, but I wasn't sure how they'd be on screen as a couple. These two actors have great chemistry on the big screen. Their relationship feels real and the actors both pull his or her own weight. Everything from dialogue delivery to expressions are well done by both actors. Unfortunately, there are a few actors who aren't on par. Luckily, they aren't leading roles so they're never on screen for long periods of time. These are just the actors who seem to pop in and out of the story from time to time.

From the trailers, The Adjustment Bureau came off to be more of an action movie. However, I can see this being seen by audiences as part science fiction. No, there aren't aliens or spaceships, but the events taking place are obviously fantasy. The ability to open a door to another dimension where you can travel to another area definitely isn't reality. Visually, this fantastic theme is handled well. New York is pictured beautifully as there are great shots of the ocean, buildings, and all around the city. The chase scenes are shot well as it's easy to see what's going on. There are too many chase scenes being released into films where the camera is so shaky that it's difficult to make out what's exactly happening. I'm sure audiences will be pleased to hear that it doesn't take place in The Adjustment Bureau.

It's evident that there are a lot of people waiting anxiously for this film to be released. The premise sparked the interest in many of moviegoers. There isn't a doubt that this film will split people down the middle. There will be audiences who greatly enjoy it and others who will dislike it. I'm somewhere in between. While there was a lot more potential for the film to be better than what turned out, it could have been much worse. The movie has a great on-screen couple and a plot that's engaging from start to finish. There are a handful of flaws that cannot go unnoticed, but I walked out of the theater entertained. If that's what you're seeing the film for, you're getting your money's worth.

My Rating = Three and one Half Stars

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